Friday, April 20, 2007

Tessa IM, the Jabber client, 29/9/2005:

[10:17:33] I think there is space for 1 more Jabber client
[10:17:36] In C++
[10:17:46] Like Miranda, but stable, and Jabber-only

Finally, a year and a half later, I am writing it myself :)

It's called Tessa IM, and no, I don't really know how the name came to be. But neither do Miranda IM, theirs :)

It is designed in quite the same way as Miranda, but avoiding some weaknesses Miranda has. Some of the most obvious ones are inflexible plugin handling, and the fact that Miranda only runs on Windows.

Although using C++, Tessa employs Lua to bring even more flexibility, and will be cross-platform, by having the ability to be independent of the GUI used. Although we are starting with wxWidgets, it makes possible people writing Qt, Win32, ncurses, telnet interfaces... quite limitless.

Although the design will allow for multiple network plugins, like Miranda, officially (for now) only Jabber will be supported. For this we will use gloox, a great library which supports more XEPs than many clients do now.

If you are interested in joining development (several people have offered help already) then comment here, email ( me, Jabber me (, or post to the development group. We also have a MUC at!


Sebastian said...

Oww come on! You know how the name came to be! I suggested it! I can't believe you forgot! Before suggesting the name to you, it came to me from a anime character's name in the anime called FullMetal Panic. Now everybody should know where the name came from. Heh, it's such a dull story now but in the future we all might laugh thinking of it. :)