Thursday, August 09, 2007

Summer of Code Update

This week has been a good one for my project, despite my being ill for a few days of it. Firstly, I completed my initial implementation of multiple connections! I say 'initial' because it is currently only tested and working with one server (OpenFire), and I will be testing more, and likely fixing bugs, in the next few days.

I also received a lot of help from people following my previous blog post...

My problems with PunJab are fixed with minor code changes (although it still doesn't work correctly for other reasons at the moment).

badlop let me test against his ejabberd SVN server, and I discovered that it doesn't seem to support persistent HTTP connections, let alone pipelining. Now I have non-persistent connections implemented, I shall be testing ejabberd again.

OpenFire... well, it works (without the previous problems I had with a 30 second delay) with multiple connections, and works well too :)
The only downside is still the lack of XEP-0206 support, so my code won't work with SASL auth to OpenFire.

Which brings me to the news of a new CM, which I have high hopes for. If I can get my code working as well with this CM as it currently works with OpenFire, all servers can be connected to this way, and SASL login will work as well.