Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Links round-up

The oldest post in my post cache that may be applicable...

I don't have time to blog about things in general for now, so I'll present you with a list of links I've gathered on my travels through the web...

Make mailto: links open Gmail (Ubuntu):

TortoiseSVN-like script for Nautilus (GNOME):

A helpful article from Microsoft:

A small computer running Xubuntu now on sale (did I already blog about this?):

Flip, a novel programming language:

Why Linux drives don't need defragmenting:

Free web hosting:

Free file hosting:

My Starred Slashdot articles:

Ubuntu Market Share:

GPLv3 & Microsoft:

Written articles vs blog posts:

Using the mouse in UIs:

Spammers vs CAPTCHAs:

OpenMoko phone on sale:

The world's first programmable robot?

I think so, this time:

History of the CD:


Sander said...

Thanks for the interesting links! They lack the http:// thing though, so they aren't immediately clickable here.

Matthew said...

Sorry, my bad...

Originally they were a list of plain text URLs. I ran them through sed to convert to <a href="..."> etc. It seems I forgot to add the http:// into the replacement :)

All should be fixed now.
*salutes sed*

Thanks for letting me know.