Saturday, September 08, 2007

Summer of Code final update

As of 20th August Google's Summer of Code program has officially ended. Students must upload code produced up until the deadline to Google's hosting, and are only judged on work up to that date.

Continuation of GSoC projects is encouraged however, and I shall be finishing off HTTPS (and have already committed bug fixes) and tidying parts of my code over the next few weeks.

There has been plenty of interest in my summer's work, on the gloox mailing list, and in private emails/IMs to me personally. It is great to know that people are finding my work useful to them.

I would like to thank Jakob my mentor for endless help with figuring things out when they went wrong, and for guiding me around the innards of gloox when I got lost (not to mention for his excellent library existing in the first place!). Thanks to Peter for taking on the hard task of orchestrating the XSF's involvement in GSoC, and for supporting the students throughout. Finally thanks to Google and the team behind the administration of GSoC, for, well, you know what :)

I will update this post with the URL to my uploaded tarball once it is on Google's servers.

However the latest, greatest code will always be found in SVN. Currently BOSH is at svn:// but very soon will be moved to the trunk. More information on gloox's download page.

The server-side implementations that I know work with this code are Openfire 3.3.2 (or .3), and Araneo (a standalone CM (connection manager), which allows any BOSH client to connect to any standard Jabber/XMPP server, using the CM as a kind of proxy) from (site down at the moment I write this).

PS. Apologies for the delay in this post... blame my vacation :)

Update: Official tarball uploaded here. Please use the version from SVN (see above) though if you would like to test or use my code.


waqas said...

"As of 20th August ..." - that was like 20 days ago!

"blame my vacation" - your vacation was less than a week long ...

I bet the actual cause of delay was that you couldn't figure out how to post this using Lua.

Matthew said...

You know best as always :)

waqas said...


Sebastian said...

Then I hope you will join future GSoC projects too. People can use your work ;)

waqas said...

I expect you will be joining in too Sebastian :)