Sunday, May 06, 2007

New Laptop

Finally I ordered a laptop for myself. I've been saving up for a while, but now I will be able to use my GSoC money towards it also. It should be arriving this week.

I'll be probably doing most of my development on it, so the first thing I will do is install Ubuntu alongside the pre-installed Vista. Yes, because I still need access to Windows for testing things, I will probably keep Vista, but reduce its partition size and dual-boot it.

Seeing as I have never used Vista before (only looked over someone's shoulder) you can be sure I will be posting a Vista vs Ubuntu right here very soon :)


Sebastian said...

Looking forward to those posts! >:)
Vista 'shucks' if you ask me! My laptop came with it pre-installed also.

I'm also curious about something. That laptop as well as mine, which is basically the same, says it comes with Core 2 Duo, right? Well mine actually has a Dual-Core Yonah CPU which is without EMT64.

Yonah is the first Dual-Core mobile CPU from Intel. It's great, doesn't heat up much at all, but I'm curious so please tell me about the CPU when you get it.