Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ubuntu 7.04 Released

I was originally posting a single, long post, of interesting news since I last posted. I decided to split it up though, so here goes...

Well, Ubuntu version 7.04 ('Feisty Fawn') has been released, and I'm running it :) Not too much has changed, except that this time I decided to opt for the standard Ubuntu, and not Xubuntu which I have been running up until now.

There is no particular reason for this. I still love Xubuntu, I'm just going for a change, that's all. Putting up with GNOME, too :) That said, I am not finding resource usage /that/ much higher than Xubuntu. I find that Xubuntu's interface is actually far more intuitive, and far more customisable - perhaps this is from being an ex-Windows user. However the GNOME interface wins in features, and it is well polished.

EDIT: I also forgot to add that the next version has been announced too, and it will be 7.10 'Gutsy Gibbon'!

Dell will offer Ubuntu

Dell are set to offer Ubuntu pre-installed on their consumer PCs. This news comes not long after Michael Dell was discovered to be running Ubuntu 7.04 (which was still a release candidate at the time) on his laptop. This is a huge step forward for Ubuntu, and desktop Linux. Perhaps the age-old argument "Is Linux ready for the desktop?" finally ends here...


A small, power-efficient, inexpensive computer/device, that runs not only Linux, or even Ubuntu, but... Xubuntu! Linutop has many possibilities, especially with being so portable. Media streaming (if the CPU proves able), it is also a handy as just a portable PC. It has no internal storage, but comes with a 1GB USB key containing the OS and software. It has ethernet, USB and audio ports, and of course connects to an external monitor.