Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer of Code - Week 1 summary

As promised I shall give some update on my progress with the project so far.

We held the second weekly meeting, though with Kev temporarily in stpeter's seat - logs here.

I finally have a clear picture of what I am doing and where I am going.

As I said in the meeting, my project is not something I can make fancy screencasts from. On the other hand, I think I will try and produce some diagrams that show what BOSH is, and how it works. I realise that this is not clear to many people who might be reading this yet :)

Down to the important part. Today I finished my first steps and managed to get my initial code to compile (through the gloox makefile). I haven't finished the simple test client I will be using, so I can't actually test it yet. If I could however, it would hang immediately after connection... but it's surely a start! :)

Once I get some real code I think I will start producing tarballs of my progress. I am currently working in a local SVN repository, so it is not hard for me to do.

Back to work...


Sebastian said...

Hmm, I'd like to see a diagram of BOSH myself :)