Thursday, March 09, 2006

Microsoft unveil their 'Origami Project'

This year's annual CeBIT conference in Germany was 'dominated' by the giant's new release, of a handheld PC platform. Samsung announced that they will be the first to produce the device they call 'Q1', that uses the Origami platform.

The Q1 is capable of booting into the familiar Window's desktop, or if the user wishes, just a media player (which can start instantly).
Previously handheld PCs were notorious for slow startup processes, though they solved the problem by remaining on, yet turning the screen off to save battery power.

Samsung unveils world's first 10MP camera phone

At the same conference, Samsung were also busy demonstrating the latest remarkable evolution in digital camera technology.

Digital cameras are getting smaller, higher quality, and more and more portable as time passes. Inevitably they are also becoming cheaper to buy as well. Incorporating them into common everday devices is increasingly popular, as Samsung show.