Saturday, March 04, 2006

What are they up to now?

The Origami Project

Microsoft have succeeded in making their latest upcoming technology release one of the most anticipated in recent weeks.

'The Origami Project' has an air of mystery about it, with the site being updated weekly, but still, no-one really understands what it is about...

The currently accepted notion is that the Origami Project is the release of a new platform of handheld computers. Technical details of the hardware/software have not been released by Microsoft, but as usual, plenty of contradicting rumours are floating around the (mainly blogs) internet. I won't add to it here ;)

Well, take a look at the site... but you'll need flash, I'm afraid. Though if you want to join in on the suspense, you just have to watch :) (There are 2 movies on the site, week 1, and week 2, watch both)