Monday, March 06, 2006

My new desktop

A screenshot

By popular demand, I post a screenshot of my (Windows) desktop, the way it currently looks.

In the bottom left corner is a console window, on the right hand side is Miranda.
The icons and titlebar skin are by the new shell I installed.

The wallpaper is from Windows Vista (codename 'Longhorn').

If anyone wants me to post the full tutorial of how I did it, leave a comment to let me know :)

(btw. I am using Windows 2000, and it is using half the memory tha it was before I started this exercise...)


Paul said...
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Paul said...

I never thought Windows 2000 or any other Windows could be themed like that. You must be using something like StyleXP but, since I know you, I know that's not true ;-). I want to know if it can be applied to Windows XP too, so please say in your HOWTO Customize Windows...